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Retrover, Elzenveld, Antwerpen Retrover is an ensemble specialized in the music of the Renaissance. Its primary goal is to perfect a performance style combining living musical expression and high artistic ambitions with thorough musical research. The ensemble also endeavours to introduce new, unexplored repertoires such as the early music of the Nordic countries. Retrover is directed by Markus Tapio

Retrover has performed and recorded in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and in Scandinavia. The group has received acclaim by its variety of imaginative concert programs and CD recordings. These include: "Piae Cantiones", a collection of Latin music from a 16th century Finnish song book; "Barzellette", a dramatic presentation of early 16th century Italian Frottola and "Choralis Septentrionalis", a musical expedition into the earliest sources of vernacular Scandinavian church music.

Retrover appears on the label OPUS111.

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